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Hinged Swing Trainer Review: Medicus Driver and Medicus Iron

Medicus 2000 dual hinge 5 iron

After extensive and repeated testing since 2002 (yes, you read that right) of the Medicus driver and Medicus iron Golf swing trainers, the Medicus series (Driver, 5 iron, 7 iron, Putter) wins the the Groove-it! Golf “Game-Saver” Award.

We also compared and tested the effectiveness and extras for both product lines. The Medicus driver review proved the line as outstanding golf training aids, covering a multitude of swing flaws and would make an excellent unique golf gift for any golfer.

Independent Buyer Reviews Prove Medicus Driver and Medicus Iron(s) as Strong Purchase

For those reluctant to buy heavily-advertised golf swing trainers, you will do well for your game by purchasing the Medicus 2000 series. It serves as a great tool to keep your swing intact during a round, and as excellent substitutes for those who can not afford either the time or money for a full-time swing coach.

Thousands of reviews from buyers on the web on sites that don’t sell the clubs back up the claims made on the infomercials. If it was bull, you’d hear about it. We purchased the Medicus for extensive testing and found the same impact even though we are experienced golfers.

Medicus Driver and Medicus 2000 reviews

The self-proclaimed “#1 Golf Swing Trainer in America” has sold over a million units world-wide, and has earned rave reviews on the web and in the golfing community for not just it’s effectiveness, but for the Medicus’ ease of use.

The Medicus Driver is the newest, and most popular model, but the Medicus Dual 2000 5-iron is still highly popular. The concept is that either the Medicus driver or Medicus 2000 will “break” (hinge) when you make an incorrect swing. The device pinpoints flaws to keep your swing both in tempo & on plane – keep the club straight throughout the swing, and you have made “the correct swing”.

Groove-it! Golf exhaustively tested both the Medicus driver and the Medicus 2000. How does the Medicus stack up against other golf swing training aids? Check out the various features and extras by Medicus Golf hinged training aids, or continue with the link below to begin our complete review of the Medicus 2000 swing trainers.

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