Medicus Driver Review

Medicus Golf… Is it worth the time of day? – the absolute truth exposed, before you make your decision…

“Golf Training Aids like the Medicus will Cure Your Swing, Hype or Fact?…”

Dear friend,

Maybe you’ve been watching those Medicus Golf infomercials for years but now you want the truth before spending over $100 on a golf gadget that may or may not work, right?

After 17 years of effort, dozens of swing changes suggested by golf experts, and self-diagnosed ‘swing thoughts’, I’m finally striking the ball with complete consistency.

It boils down to 2 keys: confidence in my swing, and… oh yeah – a reason to be confident in my swing.

We both know golf is one of the most difficult games in the world. It takes skill, solid fundamentals, and extreme patience to score well.

Instruction doesn’t always seem to help, either. Everyone you play with has a golf tip for you, and though there are more than enough excellent golf pros available to walk you through countless golf lessons – Do they create consistency in your game? Have those lessons and tips gotten your game to where you know it can be?

There are a ton of golfers who are content to just hack their way around the course. However, those who are passionate about the game are always looking for ways to improve. However, golf seems nearly impossible to master when you don’t have the time to pour into practicing. Even tour pros guided by the TV golf gurus struggle with their game and those golfers have all the time and money in the world to pursue greatness.

What if You Don’t Have 12 Hours a Day to Practice Golf? Most golfers want to do more than just hack their way around the course – I certainly do. You want to get better, score low and kick your friends’ tails all the way back to the clubhouse, right? But most of us have jobs, families, and other responsibilitites that keep us from spending the time that pros or even kids can dedicate to their game. Let’s take a quick stock of your golf game – Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “I play golf several times each month and can’t break 90… “
  • “Sure, I can break 90, but can’t seem to break the elusive ’80’…”
  • “I have trouble working the ball – can’t fade or draw the ball (on command, anyway) or control the trajectory (high or low)”
  • “I try to play it cool when I hit greens in regulation, though inwardly I’m excited because it rarely happens.”
  • “Birdies are a monumental occasion.”
  • “I’m not really sure what is going to happen to the ball when I swing. “

When you were nodded “Yes” to anything on this list, then you are due for a change. Nobody should feel they have to accept playing mediocre golf. Just think of what bad golf costs you.

  • Money – How much does a round of golf cost you? I live in the land of cheap golf (South Carolina) and when I’m not playing well, it still comes out to a pretty expensive practice round.
  • Love for the Game – I like to succeed in whatever I’m doing and most golfers are cut from the same bolt of cloth. 18 holes of inconsistent play and missed opportunities wear me out even though it’s still a good time – how about you?
  • Hope for Improvement- When your game is not in the active process of getting better, bad habits just get more deeply ingrained, making them tougher to change in the future.

Fortunately, there is Good News for You

The game of golf can be much simpler – it can also cause much less anxiety and disappointment. Regardless of when you’re looking to break par or crack 100 for the first time in your life, the Medicus Hinged swing trainer can turn golf into a chess game of golfer versus the course instead of golfer versus themself. When you are confident you will achieve consistent results with your golf swing, the game becomes much more than a sport – it becomes an accomplishment.

Think of how many golfers there are in the world… Did you know less than 5% of golfers will ever break 80? In any field of study, usually only 5% of people ever achieve their goals. You have goals you’ve met or are working to meet in every other area of your life. How about putting a big, fat checkmark next to “Discover how to play solid golf” on the list? ? You’ve heard it’s not “practice that makes perfect”, rather “Perfect practice makes perfect…” Do you identify with any of these problems in the diagnosis of swing issues?

  • “I’ve watched enough Golf Channel to know what the problem is, but in the process of fixing it, I create another problem.”
  • “I don’t even realize the problem with my swing – I know what is happening is not good, but I’m not sure what is causing it. “
  • “I know what I should be doing, but my body has trouble ‘feeling’ the correct swing. I might work the problem out on the range. However, what happens when I get back on the course? Correct – the slice, hook, or whatever is there again!”

Here are just some of the benefits of using Medicus Golf Hinged Training Aids.

1. 9 training aids for the price of one – it’s the only one you’ll need to buy – Save money and even save time from not having to switch between training aids – everything you need is in your hand. 9 breakpoints in hinged training aid

2. Work on Your Game Discreetly – Some golf training aids look crazy and can are embarrasing to be seen using. Remember Tin Cup? The Medicus is discreet – it looks just like any other golf club, except for the hinge. I’ve brought it out on the course to practice between swings and nobody ever noticed unless I told them or they came up to ask me why I’ve been striking it so well. 3. Customized lessons at your fingertipsThe Medicus comes with an instructional guide walking you step-by-step through your golf swing. It explains what could be the cause for each breaking point. You also get 2 high-quality DVDs. 4. Guides your muscle memory to a great swing – When the club stays hinged all the way to the finish, then you have yourself a solid swing. 5. Identifies the root cause of your hidden swing problems - I had a tendency to top the ball and make inconsistent contact. I thought the problem was coming at the top of my swing. I used the Medicus, however I didn’t even get to the top of my backswing – I was breaking down on the takeaway which meant I took the club back way too fast. By just slowing down the tempo of my swing, everything else fell right back into place in under 5 minutes. 6. Saves You Money – I now lose 3 or 4 less balls per round (I live in a swamp – you don’t have to get in much rough before you weigh a golf ball vs a gator bite). How much could this save you over year of golfing? In my example, I play Titlist NXTs at $36 per dozen. Playing 4 rounds a month, the Medicus saved me around $576 last year in lost golf balls. 7. Money Back Guarantee, so no risk - Iinsurance policies are great. If you’re like most golfers you almost never use them since you do so much research before investing in equipment or training. However, it’s nice to know you can solve any problems should they arise. The Medicus comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that allow you considerable time to test the merits of their product and see the impact it will have on your golf swing. Two months is a long time when this trainer starts working within hours.

medicus dual hing driver As you can see, the Medicus is the monster of the golf training aid world. The Medicus sold their 1 millionth unit years ago. As easy it is to share information on the Internet, if this swing trainer sucked, you would hear about it. There would be some guy screaming from the highest mountaintop about how bad the product is. You don’t see that though. From golf review sites, to Amazon, to Epinions, to Ebay it’s nearly all glowing praise for the Medicus.

Medicus Golf Value Packages

medicus combo pack
medicus driver
medicus 2000
7 iron hinged trainer Medicus 7 Iron – New addition to the Medicus dual-hinge series. Designed to get your scoring clubs in check by covering from 150 yards and in.

The Medicus is an excellent golf training aid, however you MUST use it the right way. Unless you do, forget about it…

I’ve been working with my Medicus for several years and love all the new products that came out – the 5 iron, the driver, the 7 iron, chippers, and putters. I’ve used the Medicus line to generate tons of birdies, pars, and other quality shots. I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to training aids and I’ll share it with you. Before we get there, let’s check out real-life reviews.

The Ultimate Question – have real-life golfers improved their scores with the Medicus?

147 Reviews we collected rated the Medicus a 9 out of 10 – and training aids are notoriously the toughest ones reviewed because of all the hype surrounding many of them. Scores dropped and confidence soared with the use of the Medicus.

My Personal Medicus-Induced Turnaround

I personally use their clubs regularly to maintain my swing through golf’s bumps in the road (age, injury, laziness, etc.) I put it right in my bag during practice rounds and take a swing or two between shots to keep me sharp. It’s true – I used the Medicus to completely overhaul my tee-to-green game and so have a pile of other golfers. From a guy sitting on his couch weighing whether he was an idiot for investing in a golf aid advertised on an infomercial, to a guy who has total confidence in his golf game. In addition to use of the Medicus, I also went back to the basics with my game – just like Jack Nicklaus would do every single year in the offseason. I started with the grip, then the short game, and gradually moved up to my driver, applying the feedback and lessons discovered by the use of these hinged swing trainers, and the use of a couple invaluable bits of golf wisdom passed down. ? How would you like some of those “‘bits of golf wisdom” for free? You get those two DVDs when you invest in the Medicus, however I’m not going to leave you with just those after getting you all pumped up about the role the Medicus could play in the future of your game. These hinged swing trainers can do miracles in diagnosing and correcting swing problems, however even the best swing trainer won’t completely cure your game by itself .

A special bonus: The Strategy that when combined with the Medicus, will truly take your game to the next level!

I am offering a one-time bonus to anyone who orders the Medicus Golf Swing trainer through the links on this site: I am going to do my absolute best to make this training aid work for you. In fact, I will give you 3 bonus ebooks…

perfect golf swing with medicus 2000 or refiner
The Swing of Champions – this is a step-by-step plan to utilize the benefits of your new Medicus and give you the best swing of your life. By studying great golfers of all ages, I have distilled the swing down to several principles that when followed, will work together with your Medicus to take your game to an entirely new level.


Secrets of the Short Game Legends – Knowing you can get up and down from anywhere around the green increases your confidence on approach shots. Imagine escaping the sand… guaranteed, mastering the chip shot, and discovering foolproof methods to read even the trickiest greens. This special report gives you the secrets of how to simply achieve masterful control of your short game and lop off strokes from your game in huge chunks!
break 80 with the medicus driver
“Assault on 80″ Attack Plan – Using your Medicus, follow these 7 simple steps to the “Tee” (sorry, couldn’t resist…) and your mental game will be set like a runaway freight train towards your goal of breaking 80.

This all means you can start shooting better scores in days, hours, or even minutes. Be aware of this: You are losing out when you play golf anywhere less than at a professional level and don’t have the Medicus in your practice regimen. And, if you are even thinking of getting the Medicus without my eBooks… be prepared for a long, painful haul trying to work these new changes into your game. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

To get the exclusive, fully exhaustive Cracking the Elusive “80” series, there are three steps you need to take…

1. Click on one of the links below 2. Order any of the Medicus Golf trainer packages or clubs. 3. Send me your receipt (all your personal information is already “X”ed out) – forward it to and I will send you access instructions to the ebooks, as soon as I have confirmed your order. ? Click Here to Order any of the Medicus Golf training aids AND get my eBook Series P. S.?Remember to do it fast – if you don’t get the Medicus Hinged swing trainers, AND my ebooks, that swing is not going to fix itself. Remember that this bonus package is only available from this web page; no-one else is offering this, and no-one ever will; which means you will have a

  • Big advantage over people who have purchased a hinged golf swing trainer and don’t have my advanced tricks report.
  • Massive advantage over those who don’t have any of these great tools to diagnose swing problems and improve their golf game.


  1. Order from my link
  2. Email me the receipt at
  3. Get your free ebooks as soon as I have verified your info – easy!

Medicus Golf Value Packages

medicus combo pack
medicus driver
medicus 2000
7 iron hinged trainer Medicus 7 Iron – New addition to the Medicus dual-hinge series. Designed to get your scoring clubs in check by covering from 150 yards and in.