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Medicus Dual Hinge Driver – Do the Infomercials Tell the Truth?

Medicus dual hinged driverThe infomerical made very bold claims in terms of what the dual hinged driver could do for any golfer’s game. It looked like another pipe dream, promoting a quick and easy fix to a very hard game.

The driver is the key to a good score – The Medicus dual hinge driver claims to be 100% about getting that ball in the short grass by diagnosing swing flaws, and getting the further down the fairway by reducing mishits. We’ve referred to the driver as the “spoon” of an ice cream sundae. Sure we can eat a sundae without a spoon but it is much messier. Likewise in golf, I can birdie or par holes by not hitting the fairway but it places immense pressure on the short game. Most pros can’t even pull it off on a regular basis.

Driver utilizes a slightly different swing than irons – Woods use a sweeping motion and a wider swing. Irons strike on a more downward blow and are more narrow. Of course we try to keep the golf swing basically the same from shot to shot but it is different. Thus the need for 2 different training aids – golf is a sport of millimeters so slight differences off the clubface can make the difference between a birdie putt and a shot in the hazard.

Evaluating Medicus’ claims

We purchased the Medicus 5 iron years back in 2002 and extensively tested it. Our overwhelmingly positive results with that club actually led to us creating Groove-it Golf in the first place. Catching you up on what we found was that:

  • the Medicus golf driver training aid covers 9 possible breakpoints in the swing, which makes it the most versatile golf swing flaw diagnostic tool on the market. Most cover one or at the most, two.
  • increases distance by getting shots more square an improving confidence in our swing
  • lowers scores by getting our head on the strategy and not the swing
  • you can hit real golf balls with it so practicing can be done in real course conditions
  • money back guarantee if you can’t get it to work (but if you give it an honest try, that won’t happen)
  • durable – our Medicus 5 iron from 2002 still works like the day we bought it
  • It only took about 15 minutes to start seeing results. We still have to use it on a regular basis as golf swings slide in and out of being correct
  • Medicus ensures they have the lowest price on their website, as opposed to getting it at a golf discount retailer
  • Free shipping at the company site
  • Comes with bonus DVDs which actually are helpful & not fillers. They have come a long way since our Davis Love video back in ’02 and contain some real “meat.”

Bottom Line on the Medicus dual hinged driver

Good for any golfer’s game, and the price tag is easily offset in the first year just in lost golf balls, not to mention the added enjoyment or possible winnings from our playing partners (shh!) Purchasing the dual hinge driver at the Medicus site provides the lowest cost option for purchasing

Click here to purchase or learn more about the Medicus Driver

You can also save by purchasing the Medicus dual hinged combo which includes the driver and 5 iron at a discounted price.

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