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Medicus Golf or Refiner Swing Trainer – Easy to Use or Hassle?

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Medicus Golf | Ease of Use

There is no overnight cure for fixing your golf swing, but using the Refiner Golf or Medicus 2000 line of products will at least make the process less confusing and time-consuming. The manufacturers of the Medicus 2000 and the Refiner golf are not mistating how easy their products are to use. Our testers experienced positive results with the Refiner golf trainer and the Medicus 2000 within 10 swings. Every time!

Save 50% Over Medicus Golf Retail Prices with Refiner Golf’s Value Packages

Tee2Green Grand Slam (Driver + 5 iron + Chipper
+ Putter)
Birdie Maker Package (Driver + 5 iron + Putter)
Par Saver Kit (Best Seller)
(Driver + 5 iron)


Medicus and Refiner Pro Instructional Resources

Each product comes with an instructional video and booklet. We were pleasantly surprised in that the video for the “generic” Refiner Pro was professional, and very well-produced. That lends even greater credibility to the quality of their products. The video for the Refiner Pro and the Medicus golf club identifies flaws for each point in the swing where the club may hinge. Watching the Medicus 2000 and the Refiner golf trainer videos enable you to study and easily identify each point in your golf swing to determine where the problems are. Imagine keeping your teaching pro in the cart with you during a practice round. That is essentially what this product offers.

Even without watching the video, a user will be able to “feel” the correct path of the swing. The product is somewhat intuitive, in that a golfer can slowly go through the swing, and reverse-engineer a perfect swing by keeping the club “intact”. we still highly recommend watching the video to save you time.

The products require a small amount of time studying the materials before use, but that time spent will yield great divendends in terms of lower scores.

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