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Medicus 2000 Review – Medicus 5 Iron – Really Good or Really a Scam?

I watched the Medicus 2000 infomercials every Saturday and Sunday morning for years as I sucked down enough fluids to flush myself of the previous night’s debauchery. I was in college – c’mon. I loved playing golf, but even with the reduced college rates, I had trouble getting out to play that often. All the stupid bar games kept my short game intact, and the putting green was free, but what about my iron play?

I wasn’t hitting good enough drives to be taking short irons into greens. No… I was hitting my 3, 4, 5, and 6 (hybrids hadn’t really hit it big yet). The problems with my mid irons let me to buying the Medicus 5 iron on a (hung-over) whim. I was very secretive about it because I didn’t want any of my friends making fun of me. “You bought the Medicus off TV?”

Of course when I got the box, it was huge. I snuck it up to the dorm and broke it open. Couple DVDs included, the Medicus 2000 golf trainer, and a little key to tighten it up. It was too cold to get over to the range so I popped in the Medicus instructional DVD and tried it out – nice high ceilings in the dorms…

Seemed easy to figure out, but it was tough to use. I had to move it like molasses to keep the trainer in one piece. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Medicus 2000 – they claim over 1 million sold. How it works is that the club has a hinge in it. If your swing gets off plane, too fast, or out of whack in any way, it breaks. Well, this sure did. I was flopping all over the place. I was half-tempted to use the tool to tighten it up, but took into consideration that maybe my golf swing had some problems.

I watched the DVD again and found my first issue. I swing too fast – way too fast. I am a fast-moving, fast talking guy and get very passionate about things so I never game much thought to my backswing being fast. At the suggestion of ol’ Davis Love (their endorsers have changed since) on the DVD, I tried slowing down my backswing. The club held. I went outside to the athletic fields with a couple balls, and “Pow” – solid contact. Wasn’t going all that straight, but it was solid every time and going far. That was a nice start. I actually could feel like I was building up to something.

I later read in a Nicklaus book that fast backswingers end up using so much energy to turn their swing around at the top that they either screw up their rhythm or end up losing momentum on the swing. That matched my swing – plenty of athleticism and looked pretty, but just didn’t go as far as it should and wasn’t consistent.

Next change the Medicus 5 iron led me to was that I wasn’t taking it back in one piece. Yeah, yeah, PGA instructors, don’t get into semantic arguments about the wording of that because I don’t care ;) . What I mean is that I was too wristy. I had one instructor tell me to break my wrists immediately. Then when I did that he said it was still too slow. I wasn’t even concerned about the ball anymore, just cocking my wrists. Now, your wrists need to cock – that’s where some serious power is, but that should come about 1/2-way up the backswing, and it should naturally occur if the swing is correct. Using the Medicus 2000 showed me where that point was, because the club stayed intact.

I could go on about it, but you know where I’m going with this. It worked. Is it a miracle worker? No – it still takes hard work and some skill to be good at golf. If you’re not made of money though, and can’t afford tons of lessons, but still love to play the game and want to do well out there, then give it a shot.

Did my friends find out about my purchase? Not for awhile – the Medicus 2000 is discreet. You can barely tell its a golf training aid unless you’re looking for it. You know what happened though? I started playing so well that my buddies asked me what happened. I then told them about it – they chuckled at first, but then said, “And you bought if off TV… hmm.”

I strongly recommend the Medicus 2000 5 iron from personal experience using the club – that should resonate better with you than any informercial struggling to look impartial. I bought mine years ago and it still works as well as the day I bought it. You can also double up on improving your golf game and get the 5 iron and Medicus dual-hinge driver combo pack at a discount. Comes with a couple instructional DVDs and at the time I’m writing this, comes with a putting trainer as well.

Your choice, just don’t wait too long. The cost is chump change compared to the cost of a couple rounds of bad golf, plus the cost of lost balls, not to mention the endless ribbing of your friends.

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