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Medicus 7 Iron Review – Worth Putting in the Bag?

Medicus 7 iron swing trainerWe’ve spoken at great length of the value of the Medicus line of golf training aids to improve any golfer’s game from complete beginner to a low handicapper. The Medicus driver and 5 iron existed to complete a nice “tee to green” training program.

Then, Medicus came out with the 7 iron. Is this club something golfers need in the bag or can they make do with their existing set of hinged trainers? We explore the decision-making process…

1) Do you play hybrids?

One of the first considerations is that many golfers these days take all the way up to the 5 iron out of their bag in favor of hybrid irons. For those golfers, the Medicus 5 iron could even be detrimental to your swing. Hybrids require more of a sweeping motion like fairway woods whereas an iron catches the ball on more of a downward path. Golf is a game of millimeters so consistency is key.

2) Do you play more 7 iron shots or 5s?

I always seem to end up around 150ish yards from the green, which requires my 7 iron. If I’m coming out of some moderate rough and laying up, again, the 7 iron. Overall I pull the 7 probably 3 times more per round than I do the 5 iron. Golf is all about feel and though I try to keep the swing the same from club to club, my 7 iron swing has a narrower stance and different feel than if I pulled the five. This goes back to consistency and practicing what I play.

Medicus 7 iron can save golfers money

At the time of this article, the Medicus 7 iron costs just under $120. How many shots would I have to save in order for this to pay off? An avid golfer playing moderately-priced tour balls will probably make their money back by the end of the first year on just approach shots that previously find water or otherwise end up unrecoverable.

the bottom line is if you already own the Medicus Driver and/or 5 iron, we definitely recommend adding this club to your training repertoire.

Deciding which Medicus training aid to buy.

If you do not yet own any Medicus products, the 7 iron can be a good choice, but the Medicus dual hinge combo (Driver and 5 iron) would be a better introduction and have a more substantial and immediate impact on your game.

Think of the Medicus 7 iron as the toppings on the sundae, the 5 iron is the ice cream, and the medicus driver is the spoon. Each club is a building process and it is fundamental, meaning the full value of the next club or layer of the sundae almost requires the previous one. (unless you don’t like spoons or eat whipped cream straight out of the can)

  • The Medicus driver gets your ball in the short grass more consistently, enabling you to use irons instead of hacking out (or even re-teeing). It is the key to how the rest of the hole is played and reduces the “big numbers” on the scorecard.
  • The Medicus 5 iron helps on longer par 4s to give you less chips and more putts, eliminating bogeys and giving more opportunities to drop a few long or medium-length puts
  • The Medicus 7 iron is a “scoring” club designed to get you more opportunities at shorter-range, makeable putts.
money back guarantee Medicus 7 Iron

Be careful when buying the Medicus 7 iron

The mistake most shoppers make when buying the Medicus is to go to online golf discounters, thinking they will get a better deal. We never want to go direct to the manufacturer, right?

Wrong! – Medicus’ manufacturer website has the lowest retail price on the 7 iron. Medicus in addition to many other products you see on the infomercials have pricing requirements with retailers restricting the price they can offer it at. The retailers don’t really care because that gives them better margins because now they don’t have to compete on price.

Save on shipping – You also get free shipping by going direct with Medicus. Many of the golf discount stores charge anywhere from $5-12 to ship the Medicus which means you actually save money by going direct.

More choices – Medicus direct has all models available. Retailers carry what sells so we’re often out of luck if we need left-handed (which I play), women’s, or junior models.

Personal touch – I’ve found Medicus golf in our dealings to be extremely responsive to customer service issues because their entire brand and livlihood is wrapped up in your experience with them. Not sure that is the case with larger golf retailers

Click here to buy the Medicus 7 iron today, available in Men’s, Women’s, and Junior sizes or click below to view other products by Medicus.

money back guarantee Medicus 7 Iron
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