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Should You Buy the Medicus Golf Swing Trainer?

After using the Medicus 5 iron since 2002 and reviewing the rest of the Medicus golf swing trainers, we are confindent in their ability to improve almost any golfer’s game.

Medicus golf trainer works for all handicappers

  • Covers the entire swing – There are “9 breakpoints” where if you swing incorrectly, the club will break. Keep the club from hinging throughout the swing and you likely have a good looking shot. These 9 breakpoints cover the entire golf swing so it doesn’t matter where a golfer’s problem is. The Medicus will identify it.
  • Forgiveness is adjustable – Since the Medicus has a tension adjustment wrench, high handicappers can keep it tight until they start to groove a better swing. Low handicappers can loosen the Medicus up to the point where only perfect swings will keep the club from “breaking”

Doesn’t matter about how much money a golfer makes

  • golfers who struggle to just make green fees and stay in balls benefit because the Medicus swing trainer is a one-time expense. While lessons are usually necessary at some point, this extends the time between them and keeps us sharp
  • golfers flush with cash and able to afford the best private lessons are still usually short on time. Lessons are good but I would rather spend my free time playing and spend that extra money on dinner after the round.

The Medicus golf trainer works quickly

It took us 3 swings and a quick look at the manual to realize the first problem with my swing – coming away too quickly on the takeaway.? My problem was with inconsistent contact and topping the ball for low line drives. Once I slowed down the backswing to the point where it felt like a slow winding up and release, I was amazed to see my shots regain the higher trajectory I wanted. After reading books and watching videos, all the information out there was confusing me. It’s called “analysis paralysis” and happens even to pros. Once I stopped reading and theorizing and used the Medicus golf swing trainer to locate that issue, I was well on my way to a solid swing. I ended up dropping about 6 strokes the next round, too!

So Affordable that it saves more money than it costs

Consider the following and mentally calculate whether the Medicus is a cost or an investment in your game.

  • Cost of lost balls – make back the cost of the club in one year
  • Cost of losing friendly wagers
  • Mental “Cost” of playing a bad round
    • endless ribbing from friends
    • paying $20-$300 for a round and spending the whole time looking for the ball instead of marveling at the course
    • playing a great course but never getting to experience why it is so great because? our shots are in places the architect didn’t really consider in the strategy
  • Cost of lessons – every time the game goes south (this can be often, even for pros)

Ordering the Medicus golf swing trainer direct benefits you with

  • has the overall lowest price (price + shipping) than any discount retailers.
  • a dual hinge combo pack for a discount
  • free shipping
  • greater selection (left handed, women’s, junior) – most retailers only carry men’s RH models

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